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Elements in design can change an existing landscape or new home by pulling the eye to a pint of interest. There are many options and front and backyard designs that incorporate elements into them. Water is the first and most widely used element. A formal water feature whether man-made or natural can be used in a court-yard setting or in a back-yard design to offset a landscape. Waterfalls create a relaxing environment and can be used a focal point of an outdoor environment. A newer concept called sheer-decent water features offer look and feel of a waterfall with little to no maintenance. Fire pits or Fire bowls are quickly becoming a popular element in landscape design. A Fire pit works well in a larger yard where wood can be used and space allows the flame height. Fire pits can be built using a variety of materials including limestone, brick, or custom block using natural veneers. A Fire bowl using an underground gas-line and shutoff valve can create an aesthetic feature during the day but provide warmth and light during the nighttime without the hassle of wood or ashes. Another great idea for outdoor living spaces is granite islands or bars. This element provides structure to a landscape and can be used as a mini-bar, serving table or gathering area. A granite island can have electrical outlets as well as running water and a sink installed to enable outdoor entertaining. Pergolas and Arbors have many uses in landscape design. The first is to incorporate a vertical dimension to a flat space. There are many sizes and styles to choose from and can be custom built to any desired specs necessary. Another function of a pergola is to create diffused lighting in a full-sun area. Using a variety of materials and criss-cross pattern, lighting can be deflected to provide shade and privacy. The last and newest element trend is built-in outdoor saunas. Whether traditional or infrared, they can be tucked into a backyard space to give a resort feel to any home. Working well with pool or Jacuzzi designs, outdoor saunas complement the space with a relaxing and warming alternative during the winter months. The truth is elements define a landscape, make it unique, and also memorable. The question is which elements are right for you?

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