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Installation of Trees and Shrubs

With landscape planting, the key factor, is to amend the clay base that most homes have in Michigan. To do this you must introduce a sand and topsoil mix closer to the soil where most trees and shrubs are grown. Another factor is the drainage of the water from irrigation and runoff from rainwater. Some projects require pea gravel or soc drains to move the water away from the root ball of the plant.

The last matter of importance is the quality of the plant. All wholesale nurseries and suppliers have at least two grades of material; first is a low grade or reject material from the grower, and second, is quality grade material sold to retail and landscape contractors. Low end plant material may be smaller than it should be or have structure issues with the trunk or spread.

At Tango Landscapes we only install top quality trees and shrubs from the best suppliers in the industry. Another tip is to burlap your shrubs in the winter to prevent wind damage that may burn or kill evergreen plants. The last and most important part is the spacing of the plants. They must given enough room to grow over a 5 year minimum spread.

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